Stark’s Top 5 Picks For Injustice 2

Stark’s Top 5 Picks For Injustice 2

**Warning for those waiting to play! Links lead to YouTube videos that do have some plot spoilers! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**

Since Injustice 2 dropped on May 16, I’ve been lost to reality, a slave to the Multiverses, story mode, guild missions and an unquenchable thirst for more loot and Mother Boxes. On top of this, I’ve been trying to pinpoint my absolutely favorite familiar fighters to compete with. After about a week of playing, I can confidently say that I’ve narrowed my choices down to a handful of heroes that are my go-to’s whether I’m farming for boxes or getting ready to lay the smack down.

Harley Quinn: Fluid Madness

Playing as Harley is just a treat. She moves with a kind of fluidity that’s hard to emulate particularly when paired with her combos. Watching her pick apart an opponent with cartwheels, fancy kicks and gymnastics is just as entertaining as actually playing the game and getting the win. Her character power and super both feature her loyal hyenas Bud and Lou, who I was thrilled to see in action. As a side note, Harley’s super move is downright vicious and almost painful to watch. Almost.

The red and black diamond fighter is also one of my favorite one-liner deliverers. The banter before and during her matches is absolute gold and extremely in character. The moment she called Green Arrow “Sugar Beard”, I nearly fell over laughing.

HarleyQuinn_BudLou Injustice 2
Harley’s gear also has some of my fav designs.

Green Arrow: Ollie The Sequel

Speaking of the Emerald Archer, Oliver Queen is another one of my top choices, especially if I’m looking for a great zoner with witty remarks to go right along with them. I could literally listen to Ollie be snarky to the entire roster all day and be totally cool with that. Perfect example: during a clash with Cheetah is actually yelled out “My kingdom for a spray bottle!” Needless to say, I was in absolute stitches.

When that timer starts counting down though, it’s game on. His combos are sick and if you get him down right, it’s a breeze to juggle an enemy or keep them at bay with a variety of arrows, including the boxing glove arrow, my personal favorite. Admittedly, the freeze arrow is the most useful by far; great for setting up anyone to feel the pain with his super move.

Black Canary: Don’t Make Me Cry

If I’m looking to bring an opponent to their knees, Dinah is my top pick. Besides the fact that she’s one of my favorite DC women, Canary was one of the new additions to the Injustice roster that I was downright giddy to see. I prayed she would show up in the first title, but with all the upgrades in the second installment, I’m thankful that she was added now. Her fighting style relies heavily on martial arts that are elegant when performed by the “pretty bird”, and she’s just a joy to control. Even watching the AI dish out the kicks, punches, and throws is satisfying as hell. And you want combos with some strength? Build her with the right gear and you’ll never use anyone else.

Side note: if you’re looking for some GREAT interactions, have Canary challenge Green Arrow. I did it for about an hour just because it was wonderful. They even bring each other up during other matches, which always brings on a giggle fit from this player. (Ollie x Dinah OTP forever. Fight me.)

GreenArrowBlackCanary Injustice 2
The award for most attractive couple goes to…!

Runner Up: Catwoman Whips Butt

Returning to the scene, Catwoman has always been a fav of mine, character-wise as well as on the battlefield. Though I’m still cementing her most effective combination attacks in my head, it doesn’t make her any less fun to play as. I’m also a huge fan of her redesign that gives her a bit more of a solid body build. You can see that’s she’s strong as well as light on her feet. Definitely digging that adjustment. As usual, her commentary is as seductive and enjoyable as ever and I’m always happy to see her appear on the stage, whether as friend or foe.

Help Wanted With Extreme Gardening!

Poison Ivy is another of the fighters that I was super stoked to see make it on the roster. Good for zoning, decent hand to hand, kiss of death and a crazy super that tends to bring me back to the days where I would watch Little Shop of Horrors until I couldn’t stand it anymore. But there’s one major problem: I’m terrible as her. Her combos are complicated, rating her as one of the most difficult of the roster to master. I’ve studied the AI destroy with her through entire Multiverse stages, gaining complete control of the stage and landing a few sweet and deadly kisses on any who cross her path. (This includes landing the last blow on the Flash with a pucker up, earning me the achievement for finishing the fight with the kiss of death…which is good because I never would’ve gotten that on my own.) Yet when my fingers are determining her movements, everything goes to hell pretty quickly.

PoisonIvy Injustice 2
Ivy is gorgeous. ‘Nuff said

Bravo, NetherRealm Studios

Developer NetherRealm Studios really outdid themselves on the movements of the characters models. I’m still losing my mind over the facial mechanics of each character when they speak and express their moods through their features. A big one that just floored me got me the other night. The match was Harley versus Green Arrow and the former clown queen was delivering a pun attack before the fight and her retort to Ollie after was “Don’t be cross…bow”. Now, this doesn’t seem like much but when she says the “bow” portion, she says it out of the corner of her mouth. Lips closed most of the way except one corner where she lets the follow-up slip out under her breath. I’ve never, in all my years of gaming, have seen a character model do that. Ever. So kudos on the amazing mechanical achievements are called for!

The roster of Injustice 2 is chock full of amazing personalities, combos and super moves, each worth a look. If you’re a fighting genre fan or even just a DC game lover, I highly recommend adding this one to your collection to pick your own top fighters!

Do you already have a few favorites? Let your choice be heard in a comment on this article! Would love to see how you guys feel about the heroes and villains of Injustice 2!

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