Steam Link Brings Steam Games To Mobile Phones

Steam Link for the Future

Steam is going mobile with their new mobile Steam Link application. The app plans on bringing the thrill of PC gaming to the screens of iOS and Android devices the week of May 21st. Steam Links works by allowing users to stream games from their Mac or PC over the internet directly to their device. This does mean that you will need an internet connection in order to enjoy the service.

Steam Link on Mobile

However, this functionality hasn’t been commented on much, and there are still pressing questions about the accessibility of the program. Will there be an option to incorporate the use of PS4 or even XBOX controllers? We know that the Steam controller will be of use, but just how hardware-limited will this service be?

Steam Link has been around for some time now, allowing users to sit courtside with a few friends and play split screen Steam games over the television just like the good ole’ days. Yet, many speculated that the service would reach mobile devices, and finally, that time has come. Now, all we have to do is sit back and wait for more juicy information, or possibly an E3 reveal?

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