Five Stephen King Books That Need Their Own Movie

Five Stephen King Novels that Need a Silver Screen Adaption

With sixty-nine films under his belt (including the upcoming Pet Sematary, It Chapter 2, In the Tall Grass set for release in 2019 and Doctor Sleep with a TBA date), Stephen King has proven that his stories are able to be translated to multiple media. But there are some dearly beloved books that are still begging for a film adaption. These are five Stephen King books that Hollywood definitely needs to make into movies as soon as possible.

The Eyes of the Dragon

Stephen King Eyes of the DragonWhile different from the normal Stephen King novel, this story is nonetheless magical. Fantasy, murder, magic, and redemption fill this delectable story. The story follows Prince Peter who is framed for the murder of the drunken King Roland. With his band of loyal friends, he must defeat the evil wizard Flagg and claim his rightful place on the throne from his younger brother Thomas. As a film, it is sure to delight fans of all ages. Could this story be what fills the void GOT leaves when it finally hits its end?

Mr. Mercedes Trilogy

This is more of a three-in-one. The Mr. Mercedes trilogy was originally announced to be adapted into a television series, but in 2016 the project was cut. Following retired police officer Bill Hodges, we track down a mentally disturbed serial killer who drove into a crowd at a job fair with a Mercedes, hence his name. For those who love a good detective story, Mr. Mercedes would make a great three-part film series. HBO or Netflix would do a great job in trying again for a television series, if Mr. King wanted to give it another try. [Editor’s note: was it cut or has it already happened?]


Lisey’s Story

Stephen King Liseys StoryLisey Landon is the widow of a successful novelist who is stalked and terrorized by a crazy fan of her late husband. While she fights for her life, we get to see the horrible life that made her husband the genius writer he was. Luckily, it has been said that Stephen King would like for this book to be his next television series. Hopefully, this happens sooner rather than later. I have high hopes that this novel will make a wonderful psychological film or television series.

Cycle of the Werewolf

Stephen King Cycle of the WerewolfThis isn’t your sappy teen werewolf love story. Stephen King’s werewolf isn’t interested in living a normal life; it wants one thing and one thing only–to eat. The book takes place in Tarker’s Mills, Maine, and a werewolf terrorizes the citizens in this small town when it starts going on the hunt once a month. The only witness is a wheelchair-bound boy who takes it upon himself to solve the mystery and save the town. Everyone loves a sympathetic hero and everyone loves a good werewolf story–whether they want to admit it or not. Hollywood needs to redeem themselves for the Twilight saga and repair the werewolf’s fearsome reputation by making this novel into a stellar film.


Stephen King RoadworkPublished under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman, Roadwork gives us the anti-hero we always dreamed of being. Barton George Dawes is a man who has experienced extreme loss following the death of his son and end of his marriage. When a highway extension threatens not only his workplace but his own home, he decides he has lost enough. Driven nearly insane, he stocks up his house with weapons and explosives and takes a stand against the government. With the current political situation in this country leading to more government mistrust, moviegoers will relate to this unlikely anti-hero and be on the edge of their seats to the very end.

What books would you like to see on the silver screen?

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