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Midnight Sun, A Project Long in the Making, Is On the Move Again

The internet is exploding with the news that Midnight Sun, the novel that Stephenie Meyer infamous put aside, once again has a release date. Yes, you did read that right. Feel free to take a minute and react accordingly (for good or for bad, we won’t judge).

The History

Back when Twilight was at its heyday, Stephenie Meyer had begun working on a novel showing Twilight from Edward’s perspective. She made it far enough into the novel to share the first twelve chapters with actors and others involved in the project—something she thought would help them portray the characters more accurately.

Stephenie Meyer - Midnight Sun
Stephenie Meyer – Midnight Sun

Unfortunately, those chapters leaked. It was discouraging enough for Meyers that she put down the manuscript and let it rest. Many fans thought she had put it down permanently and, to be fair: given how long it’s been, we don’t blame them for feeling that way.

The Announcement

Imagine the surprise when Stephenie Meyer announced on Entertainment Weekly that Midnight Sun was back on the docket. More than that, it has a summer release date (August 4th, 2020). That’s a huge leap, no matter how you look at it. Clearly, Meyer found some inspiration recently.

Let’s Talk: Cover

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the backstory and announcement out of the way, let’s talk, shall we? It doesn’t matter how you feel about the franchise as a whole; you can still have an opinion on the covers.

The understated covers of Twilight and the rest of the series created a trend for many young adult novels, and with good reason. The stark contrast of colors, the direct focus, and minimalist design all caught the (potential) reader’s eye. It was a simple design, one that could be easily modified and replicated for each cover.

The real question is: does Midnight Sun keep to that theme? On the whole, yes, it actually does. But at the same time, it feels like it has lost some of the elegance some of the earlier covers had. Perhaps that is intentional? There are some very clear implications being made, with the choice of fruit on the cover. The dripping is also likewise a choice, of that I have no doubt.

While the photography itself is stunning (seriously, the definition is divine), I can’t help but feel like this cover is missing something. The mark, perhaps. How does everyone else feel about it? Love it? Hate it? Ambivalent?


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