Steven Spielberg Claims Indiana Jones Will Survive His 5th Film

According to the BBC, director Steven Spielberg has claimed that Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) will not be killed off in the upcoming fifth installment of his eponymous film franchise. This claim is likely in response to the death of Han Solo (also played by Harrison Ford) in the recent installment of a similarly old franchise, the film Star Wars VII: A New Hope.

 Although the adventurous archaeologist has not had a new film since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was released in theaters in the year 2008, Steven Spielberg intends to have another film with the eponymous character played again by Harrison Ford. We know next to nothing about this upcoming addition to the franchise, other than the facts that Harrison Ford will be starring and that legendary composer John Williams will also be scoring this new installment.

Will Indiana Jones actually live through it?

If you look at the quote Spielberg gave to The Hollywood Reporter, there is still reason to be wary about Indiana Jones’ survival in the next film. Spielberg’s exact phrasing was that “The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it.” All that quote really says is that Indiana Jones won’t die at the end of the movie. It is still possible for his iteration of Indiana Jones to die at an earlier point in the film, allowing someone else (perhaps his son as portrayed in the last film by Shia LeBeouf) to take up Indy’s mantle. It is curious that Spielberg chose to be that specific about this iconic character’s chances of survival, and that he chose to speak about the chance that he could be killed off at all (although this may be due to the recent Star Wars incident).

Word of the Nerd will report more on this upcoming film as we know more about it.

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