6 Tips for Storing Your Old but Gold Games

By Emma Lewis


You are one of those households that seems to have every board game that has ever been made; this post is for you. There are so many in your house, and they are scatted in multiple rooms, different cupboards, under the stairs, in the roof or the garage, you simply can’t keep them in one spot.  When it comes to games night with the family, you spend more time looking for the particular game. Well, you are in luck. We have come up with brilliant organizational and storage ideas for your board game.


6 Tips for Storing Your Old but Gold GamesYou need to make up your mind where you want your games to be stored. It’s best not to break them up and save them in different locations. However, if you have little ones, sometimes you don’t want them getting their hands on some particular games. If you need to, find a location for the kid’s games and your games. The best wait to do this has them in the same spot with some on a higher shelf.

More rules

You follow the rules when you are playing so why not follow the rules while you organize and store your games. Whenever you play, you MUST pack it up and put it back straight after! Don’t let the game sit on the kitchen bench for days. This is how items get lost and never seen again.

Stay or go

Now you must go through your games and see which ones cut. Some will stay, and some will go. Typically, your children will outgrow games you no longer need them. Also, pieces get lost and the game just simply can’t function as it should. Chuck them out or give them away. Think of it as more room for additional games.  If you want to keep some game but don’t have a place for them, try self-storage sites like Spacer. You can find local storage that’s cheap, and you can access your games at any time.

Storing the pieces

Sorting pieces will be critical over the long run. Therefore, you need to take more time and care when it comes to storing them. Clear zip lock bags are the best option when it comes to keeping things in one place. Yes, even if you still have the box, you should put the pieces in a clear zip lock bag.

Hanging shoe organizer

6 Tips for Storing Your Old but Gold GamesYes, you have seen them before, the shoe racks that hang in your closet. They typically can hold around ten pairs of shoes. Well, they can also hold a lot of board games. You can simply find the cabinet you want to store the games in and start filling it up. You can have it full of games or even mix of games or shoes. The best bit, the end of each box is displayed so you can simply pick the game you want and you’re on your way. Also, you can move it from closet to closet without having to unpack all the games.

Standard shelves

If you are going for the usual shelve with the games still in their boxes, you need to know a few things. Firstly, tip the games on their side and slide them next to one another. You can tape the sides or place large rubber bands around them to hold all the bit in.

If you want to go the extra mile and keep the shelves even more organized than you can opt for baskets or containers. Things like ecards, smaller dice games can go in clear plastic containers.

Storing your board games is no longer a struggle. Now you can spend more time playing than organizing!

Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.

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