Stranger Things 3 Spoiler-Free Impressions

Stranger Things Happening In Hawkins 

If you’re anything like me then you love Stranger Things and I mean LOVE IT! That probably means you also stayed up all night binging the newest season as soon as it dropped on Netflix. I’m in Texas so it dropped at 2:00 a.m. and I didn’t go to sleep till about 10:00 a.m. so yeah I binged the heck out of it!

I know most people out there don’t have the horrible tendency to stay up all night and watch the world’s greatest show, I stand by this statement, so no spoilers here. Just an honest impression and feelings towards the newest season of Stranger Things!


Stranger Things 3So first thing first, I loved it. Let’s get that out of the way and know at this point I’m 100% biased because of my pure joy. 

The season again is 8 episodes long with the 8th episode having the longest run time. A few reviews out there will point out how the story structure seems similar to the previous 2 seasons, but the point of reference here is most movies and serial television series have similar story structures. You’re welcome, now you won’t be able to watch anything the same.

We’re brought back to Hawkins, Indiana and quickly catch up with our favorite Hawkinites. The whole gang is back along with some new and familiar faces. This season focuses primarily on the relationships that they have built with one another.

That to me was the biggest theme of the show, relationships. New love, old friendships, and changing points of views. We see our characters deal with the relationships built through the trials of the two previous seasons and how they withstand the newest threat. 

The Stand Out Performance Award Go To… 

Stranger Things 3Two standout characters/performances this season were Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and a new character Robin (Maya Hawke). Again no spoilers, but for the character of Billy to become an appealing character shows the amount of work the writers and Dacre did to bring new life to this character.

Anytime you’re introducing a new character to an ensemble show there is a fear that people won’t attach to the new faces, but Stranger Things now has a track record for properly introducing new characters and making them feel at home in the story during season 2 #JusticeforBob. It was no different with Maya coming on the set portraying Steve’s ice cream slinging coworker Robin.


Honestly, I loved it. Every episode had me smiling and excited for the next. Very few shows give me that pure joy I would get going to watch a movie at the theaters as a kid, but they did it. I know most people can feel that special something about this show and I hope people realize how unique that is. As of now you should go watch the newest season of Stranger Things and be ready to have so much fun!

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