Streamer Dr. Disrespect House Reportedly Shot At


Dr. Disrespect’s live stream halted suddenly


During a live stream in which Dr. Disrespect, or more formally Guy Beahm, was playing the new Blackout mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 a window shattering could be heard in a room nearby. Beahm immediately rose from his chair and left the stream to investigate. The event occurred at approximately 11 am Pacific Time and was not the first reported occurrence. Beahm had reported gunshots aimed at his residence the day before this live event had occurred. Fearing a stream of deadly assaults against his family, Guy Beahm returned having discarded his online persona.

Dr. Disrespect responded via Twitter reporting that his family was safe and that after this fearful day, streaming would continue to resume as normal.


Updated Dr. Disrespect Report

The reported weapon used was a BB gun, which may have caused a car window to shatter the previous day. “I’ve got to end the broadcast now, someone shot at our house.” Beahm said when he returned to the stream. “Broke the fucking upstairs window.” In the embedded Twitch clips you can hear the event happening in real time. 

Live Stream from Dr. Disrespect

Live Stream from Dr. Disrespect 2

The projectile seems to ricochet off of a surface in the house, then landing into what sounds like drywall. If it was indeed a BB gun was fired at the residences the damage would be localized and minimum. A more powerful firearm would mean more immediate risk of injury in other rooms of the household. No matter the caliber of weapon, this is still a malicious attack on Guy Beahm and his family.

We here at Word of the Nerd wish Dr. Disrespect and his family the best. We hold high hopes that these attackers will be found and brought to justice.

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