Streamer And League of Legends Professional Player Remilia Passes Away


Remembering Remilia


On December 28th it was reported that Maria Creveling, also known by her gaming handle Remelia, had passed away. Richard Lewis, a prominent journalist within esports and friend to Maria, took to twitter to report this heartbreaking story, “It is with great sadness that I inform you that my best friend Maria Creveling (Remilia) passed away peacefully in her sleep yesterday. Her absence will leave a void that can never be filled.” 

Maria had inspired so many during her time as a streamer and as a professional LOL player. More importantly, she inspired them by her courage and character. Fans and loved ones reached out and showed their respect for her through tweets. 


Through her streaming and gaming career, Maria working under her gaming handle Remilia had to deal with hate and harassment during her stint with the Renegades in the LCS. She would end up leaving the Renegades and the LCS due to anxiety from this, but continued to follow her passion through streaming and joining the Chaos Latin Gamers. Even in her death, Maria is met with backlash and hate.

Instead of focusing on hate lets focus on the positive. Each tweet is a reminder that Maria was a human that lived and loved people just like the rest of us. There are people that miss her and will continue to try and find a way to continue on the best they can while preserving her memory. Each day passed is another day we should show kindness and love to those around us because we all only have so much time here. 

Sound Off

It’s always hard to report such heavy news, but let remember to show kindness and love to each other. Tweet out to your favorite gamers, artists, writers, or whoever and let them know you appreciate them!


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