Successful Aquaman Creative Team Leaving the Title?

As much as I dislike the new 52’s approach to Aquaman, I have to admit it works. By taking the character away from his 90s persona and transforming him into an approachable do-gooder, it makes the character more relateable. It also allows for some practical demonstrations of his powers when confronted by idiotic questions from onlookers. This change in Aquaman was made possible by writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis.


Now, DC Comics may torpedo any potential success by yanking the creative team off the comic. After issue 16, scheduled for a January 2013 release, Ivan Reis might take over Justice League from a departing Jim Lee. Geoff Johns might follow suit and abandon Aquaman.

There are a number of possible reasons for doing this. He’s overworked is a possible one. Johns is currently writing Justice League, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. He is also Creative Director for DC. That might be too much for him to do and still maintain quality. He’s already done everything he needs to with the character is another. He’s done it before. After writing Booster Gold for 12 or so issues, he passed it onto someone else.

The most likely one, however, is a company wide circumstance. There are rumors suggesting that DC may be switching creative teams around after issue 16 as a way to get fresh ideas and new creative directions for all established comics.

While this sounds like a good idea on paper, it can also derail long term plans for characters and storylines. A lot of writers tend to think long term and have a clear idea where they want the characters to be in 15, 20, or even 30 issues down the road.  Changing the creative teams around might disrupt the flow of the story and alienate fans.  That can lead to disaster.


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