Suicide Squad 2 Lands a Director

Gavin O’Connor is directing the sequel to Suicide Squad. He is co-writing the film with Anthony Tambakis. There is no word on the release date of Suicide Squad 2.

Gavin O’Connor Lands in Gotham

Gavin O'Connor
Gavin O’Connor

The first Suicide Squad was a financial success. The film grossed $745 million worldwide. Yes, it signaled a major problem with the DCEU. But, the thing sold a lot of tickets. As such, Warner Bros. aims to follow-up the film with the continued exploits of its mercenary super villains. However, the first film’s director, David Ayer, moved onto the Gotham City Sirens film. So, with another vacant director’s chair, WB went on the prowl.

A lot of names found their way into the hat for a time. Heck, at one point, Mel Gibson was on the shortlist. For a time, Jaume Collet-Sera seemed a fitting heir to the throne. However, delays in signing a contract led him to Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise film. But, WB settled on a director for Suicide Squad 2. Gavin O’Connor will co-write and direct the film. Currently, there is no release date set for the follow-up to the Academy Award winning first film. 

Many of the criticisms of the first film stemmed from a lack of emotional center. Conversely, the film’s only bright spot came during a break in the action. The characters stop for a drink and discuss their backstories/motivation for taking on the mission to stop Enchantress. The scene helps flesh out the characters and brings an understanding to their circumstances. Unfortunately, the scene occurs 85% of the way into the film. Many of the major sequences precede this scene, so it kind of just hangs there. 

Mixing Action and Motivation

Fortunately, WB is looking to repair the DCEU’s reputation. Wonder Woman was a critical and box office hit, so they gave her an expanded role in Justice League. So, they set their sights on a director who specializes in underdog stories. Gavin O’Connor’s best film is Warrior. Warrior is a sports drama about two brothers fighting against each other in an MMA tournament. Also, it’s wonderful. The film packs a wallop of emotion, and the fight scenes are exciting.

Hopefully, O’Connor’s involvement in Suicide Squad 2 means he will imbue that film with the same sensibilities. Suicide Squad needs breaks between the action and needle drops so we can get to know the characters. The cast is full of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors, so we should let them interact.

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