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kevin-smith-comic-book-men-223x300Fat Man on Superman

If you are a Kevin Smith fan, and likely even if you are not, you know that his comic book love runs deep. He has a Batman tattoo and even named his daughter Harley Quinn. But he also has love for another DC hero, Superman, having even written a script for a Superman movie once.

And with the release of MAN OF STEEL comic book fans seem to be looking to Kevin Smith to see what his opinion on the new movie is and what thoughts he plans on sharing.

And in regards to the film, Smith, told fans on Twitter that “You’ll wish Russell Crowe was YOUR dad.”

Smith also announced on Twitter that his Fat Man on Batman podcast will go MAN OF STEEL-centric, as he turns into Fat Man on Superman with guest Ralph Garman.

That podcast will be available July 19th.



New Power Couple in DC

DC Comics’, no stranger to powerful romances between heroes, has a new power couple it’s working on. And it could be the most powerful yet.

Superman and Wonder Woman first hooked up last year, but now they are getting their own ongoing series, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, which will be focused on them. It will explore their new romance and the relationship between two of the DC Universe’s most powerful heroes.

Written by Charles Soule, with artwork by Tony Daniel, the series is schedule to be released in October.




Warner Bros Fate Rests on Shoulders of Man of Steel


Warner Bros has been one of the most stable studios in town, but over the last few months things have been shaky and questions about the future of film chief Jeff Robinov and the studio’s relationship with key financing partner Legendary Entertainment have come to light.

Robinov predicted Man of Steel would be the biggest film in the studio’s history and if he is right, Warner Bros is expected to quickly move to capitalize on a new franchise by following Disney and Marvel’s approach. The studio would look to create a series of stand alone superhero films, like how The Avengers was set up, and then have those flow into one team blockbuster, the Justice League.

To get to the point of a Justice League movie, work would need to be done on films with other superheroes on the team, such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The plan would be to release 2 Superman movies, and then move on to the Justice League, and everyone at Warner Bros seems to unofficially acknowledge that project is already being developed.

The studio almost made a Justice League movie a few years ago with George Miller at the helm, and this time around it would want Man of Steel director Zack Snyder to take the lead.

Will we to see a new Justice League franchise to compete with the success of The Avengers? Only time and the success of Man of Steel will tell.

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