Supergirl Adding DC Comics Faves in Season Two

With Supergirl’s second season making the transition from CBS to the CW this fall, it was inevitable the show would see some changes in its future. Luckily, those changes seem to be for the best, especially for fans, as Supergirl adds more comic book favorites.

New Regular Cast Members for Supergirl

Although Supergirl may be losing Cat Grant – at least for a few episodes – the show, like its siblings The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, is stacking the deck with other comic book names. The two series regulars are Lena Luthor and Nick Farrow.

Lena Luthor Supergirl

Obviously, Lena Luthor is the younger sister of Superman nemesis Lex Luthor. TVLine tells us that the version of Lena on Supergirl will be a 25-35 year old who “arrives in town to get out from under the shadow of her infamous brother.” Much like the version of the character who appeared on Smallville, Lena is “sexy and smart and determined to get what she wants.” But she seems to have a secret agenda all her own.

Lena is often associated with Superboy and by extension, Project Cadmus, which Supergirl started name-dropping before season one ended. It’s possible that Lena Luthor’s involvement will be focused on Cadmus’s threat to Kara Zor-El and her adoptive family, the Danvers. But no matter what, Lena is in good hands, especially if her arc is as good as the one for other borrowed Superman sibling Lucy Lane.

Nick Farrow is not an obvious comic book name because there’s no character by that name in DC Comics history, but most people agree that the name could be a bluff and that Nick could turn out to be a super hero after all. Nick is joining the CatCo side of the show as a “brash leading man” and reporter. He’s “looking to make a name for himself in the news world but the question of whether he can leave behind his former selfish and hedonistic ways will constantly arise. In hanging out with Kara, the hero in Nick might finally come out.”

The description for Nick reads suspiciously similar to an Oliver Queen-esque character, but considering the Green Arrow is busy on his own show, don’t expect him to do anything other than drop by for a visit. Place your bets now on which other DC Comics hero Nick could turn out to be.

Supergirl Season 2: Shaped by Recurring Characters

Supergirl is also adding three more characters as recurring roles. “Recurring” means that these characters won’t appear in every episode of the season, but they will be around for more than just an episode or two. Recurring characters are generally important to the show’s storyline, so keep that in mind when you check out their descriptions.

The first is one of our major villains of the season, The Doctor, who is “the diabolical female leader of Project Cadmus who uses her surgical skills to implant prisoners with alien technology.” TVLine points out that this description makes the Doctor sound a lot like an evil version of DC Comics’s Serling Roquette.

The second recurring character is again a CatCo player. Snapper Carr is veteran journalist hired to “remake the news division by going old school.” Although Snapper Carr is a recognizable DC Comics name, known for working with the Justice League, TVLine indicates Supergirl’s version of Carr will not be the same character.

Maggie Sawyer Supergirl

Finally and perhaps most excitingly, we will see Maggie, “an out and proud detective for the newly formed Science Police,” arrive in National City. Maggie is said to be based on DC Comics character Maggie Sawyer, the long-time girlfriend of Batwoman. Unfortunately, the CW’s superhero shows are not currently allowed to do more than reference characters on the Batman side of things, so it seems unlikely that Maggie will be bringing Kate Kane with her any time soon.

With all these new characters and a promised appearance by Kara’s famous cousin in the first two episodes of Supergirl’s new season, Supergirl is already poised to shine on its new network.

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