Supergirl to be the Next DC Character to Star on Television

SupergirlAccording to multiple reports, Arrow and The Flash co-creator and executive producer, Greg Berlanti, is currently shopping around the idea of another DC television show starring Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, otherwise known as Supergirl. Berlanti is working with Ali Adler on the idea, and according to Deadline the show is already in development. Apparently, they will look to approach the character in a unique way, delivering an original interpretation of Supergirl, herself, as well as her origin.

The project is reported to have been in the works for some time now, as the studio is currently pitching the series to major networks, much like Gotham was pitched and picked up by FOX.

The best move for WB and DC may be to take a note from their nemesis, Marvel, and try to make the show as an exclusive Netflix Original. DC already has Arrow and The Flash on the CW Network, Gotham on Fox, and Constantine on NBC. That’s a lot of weekly shows to keep up with for fans who may not be able to find the time to tune into yet another one. Additionally, I would assume that the Supergirl show would not be sharing a universe with any of the others, so it seems unlikely that CW, Fox, or NBC will pick up the show. That leaves only CBS and ABC as the only major television networks without a DC show, and ABC is owned by Disney which owns Marvel, so that’s not happening.

Whether they choose a cable network or Netflix, I think that it’s great that we may be getting a superheroine to follow on the small screen. It seems that DC and Warner Bros. are taking several steps to deliver the type of content that their fans have been hoping to see for some time. The idea that we may have a Supergirl series and a Wonder Woman movie within the next five years should show that WB and DC are, contrary to all of the “haters” (pardon my use of the word), definitely striving towards being more inclusive. One could even argue that, if all of this is true, they are doing a better job than Marvel, a company that is always celebrated for their catchall of demographics…. But hey, it’s not a competition, right?

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