Supergirl’s Dreamer Makes History as First Trans Hero on CW

supergirl - nia nal dreamer

Supergirl Meets Dreamer

In the midst of a fight for transgender human rights comes a moment that will shake the comic and entertainment world for a long time. Casting trans actress Nicole Maines to play Nia Nal (Dreamer) is a big step in breaking the oppression most LGBTQ people face in the acting world. Not only does Supergirl‘s Season IV continue to make headlines, but it also sparks conversation, from comic fans to the fans of the show. Not to mention the changes in character background to match the CW show. All in all, raising curiosity among people.

Who Is Dreamer?

Supergirl Dream Girl (Dreamer)
Dream Girl, a comic book incarnation of Dreamer

In the DC Extended Universe, Nura Nal is a powerful precognitive. That means she can see the future and experience visions in her dreams. Other than that, she is also a skilled combatant, learning fighting skills from Karate Kid. Furthermore, her precognitive skills enable her to glimpse seconds into the future. This gives her a preview of her opponents’ moves and gives her an edge when it comes to strategic planning.

Supergirl‘s Dreamer will not come from the future. Rather, she plays an ancestral role to share her precognitive abilities. She is the latest member to join Supergirl. In the show, she still has ties to the famed Legion of Superheroes. 


CW is a famous network for housing DC-based shows such as Supergirl, Arrow and Flash. They also made history when they cast Ruby Rose as Batwoman. The network surprises everyone again with hiring Nicole Maines. There is an ongoing debate on hiring trans actors and actresses for various roles. CW hosted an event on October 14 to launch its new fall season, and not only did this event showcase Shethority, a positive space online for women, but also debuted the hashtag #CWOpenToAll. This reinforces the network’s commitment to the inclusion and representation of characters in their shows. 

Who is Nicole Maines?

Nicole Maines makes history as the first ever transwoman to play a superhero on CW. The bubbly actress isn’t a newbie in terms of acting. Rest assured, Dreamer is in good hands. She is a GLAAD award winner and a phenomenal actress, playing a role in the HBO documentary The Trans List. She has also been an activist from age 14. Other than that, she’s a woman with a heart of gold and a real-life hero. Soon, she’ll be a hero for the people whose rights she’s fighting for. 

There is no doubt that Supergirl‘s Season IV has considerable hype to live up to, now that details are out. Other than that, it is great to observe representation in a time where it is still frowned upon. In a heated moment of debate that still goes on in terms of inclusion and human rights being fought for with art, to see movements continue to progress, and now under the umbrella of the comic universe, is heartwarming and historic from every angle. 

Now that fulfills a nerd’s dream. 


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