Supergirl’s Red Tornado Revealed


Red Tornado
Iddo Goldberg as Red Tornado

Recently, the producers of Supergirl revealed that Iddo Goldberg (Salem, Peaky Blinders) was cast as mad scientist TO Morrow and heroic android Red Tornado. Now, they have given us our first look at Goldberg in costume as Red Tornado.

Oh boy, where to start…. Well, he certainly is red, though not the bright primary red of the comics. It’s more of a dull crimson, which isn’t a deal breaker but for the colorful world of Supergirl, you’d think they would make it a brighter color overall. The costume looks more like body armor than robotic parts that would work best for the android. The head is crowned with an interesting helmet, but unfortunately using the actor’s real face distracts from the rest of it and unfortunately brings comparison to the Vision from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It’s an okay costume. Not horrible, not great either. For a big budget sci-fi television series, especially one based off a beloved comic book character with such an unforgiving audience of comic book fans, this seems cheesy and more like something out of a B movie. However, we should take into account the much smaller budget of television programs compared to films, even when the show itself is incredibly effects driven as Supergirl should be.

We are also seeing this without further effects or in action. Much like the Hawkman and Hawkgirl costumes over on the CW, there is likely elements that are CGI that wouldn’t be seen in a studio press photograph as that would be done in post production. However, if Supergirl really wants to soar, I hope that there are eventual redesigns for the Red Tornado outfit, as this isn’t the most thrilling look for the beloved superhero android.

Supergirl premieres Monday October 26th at 8:30pm on CBS.


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