Superman TV Cut To Be Released On Blu-Ray

Superman TV Cut To Be Released After 35 Years

Superman The Movie Extended CutIn February 1982, ABC had a two-night special event. Not only would they be broadcasting Superman: The Movie, they would be broadcasting a special three-hour cut. In an era long before director’s cuts and special editions, this was a treat. The additional footage captivated audiences, bringing fuller richness to the film.

And then it was never seen again. Some of the footage ended up in the 2000 director’s cut of the film (this reporter’s first DVD purchase by the way). Some of it ended up as deleted scenes on further releases. But now, Warner Brothers is about to release the entire three-hour long cut. Warner Brothers’ Archive Collection has announced the three-hour cut of Superman: The Movie will be released on Blu-Ray. The film will be remastered and cleaned up for this release. It will also be part of a special two-film collection including the 2000 director’s cut. This will also include the various documentaries and special features from the 2000 cut as well.

Up Up And Away For Superman

This announcement has already drawn praise from fans who have fond memories of the television version. The 1978 film, starring Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel, is often considered the superhero movie gold standard. Later Superman films such as Superman Returns and Man of Steel have suffered in being compared to the classic film. Now, older fans can revisit a treat from their childhoods, while newer fans can see the film with new eyes. Superman was the film that made you “believe a man could fly”, and fans worldwide are ready to hear the stirrings of that John Williams score.

No official release date has been announced, nor whether it will be in stores or part of the Warner Archives’ Manufactured-On-Demand service.

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