Supernatural Trailer Released At Comic Con

The CW Released Supernatural Season 14 Trailer At Comic-Con

Supernatural returns for its fourteenth season in October, and the CW gave fans a taste of what’s to come with the four and a half minute trailer released at Comic-Con this weekend; you can watch it right here!

What The Trailer Shows

The trailer opens with Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) narrating a few scenes of what the Winchesters have accomplished so far. Sam pitches to his brother, Dean (Jensen Ackles) the idea of putting a stop to all monsters at once because they cannot hope to stop evil one bad guy at a time. Dean dons a pensive stare, which is followed a montage of pretty much everything that has happened in Supernatural. Things from the first season all the way through season 13. Fans see familiar faces such as Lucifer, Gabriel, Charlie, Adam, Castiel, and many more. This montage is the bulk of the trailer, and is accompanied by Motorhead’s “God Was Never On Your Side.” It ends with (spoiler alert) Dean in a flat cap with flashing blue eyes, indicating he has become an angel.


Fans overall seem excited for the new season and the idea of Dean as an angel. But many expressed disappointment in the trailer itself since it views more like recap than a trailer with new material. Several fans even used the word “clickbait” to describe it and got very critical of the CW. In the YouTube comments, there was also speculation about the implications of Angel Dean and the potential return of Adam, the lost Winchester brother who first appeared in the fourth season of the show.

Overall, it seems like the fourteenth season is going to have a lot going on, in true Supernatural fashion. The official premiere date is October 11, 2018. You can stream Supernatural on the CW app and on Netflix.

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