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Get punched in the face with a lemon-lime twist! SURGE IS BACK, BABY.

Hey nerds! Are you having trouble staying up to finish that raid boss? Maybe you’re trying to get through your latest haul from the comic book shop but you’re eyelids are getting awfully heavy. Just can’t quite catch the end of your episodes of your favorites shows? Really close to finishing that costume before a convention but can’t quite stay awake? Well there’s an answer to your decaffeinated issues. It comes in a can, it’s a citrus-flavored liquid and it’s called . . . Surge. THAT’S RIGHT. IT’S BACK.

The dubbed “Mountain Dew Killer” cooked up by Coca-Cola was big back in the 1990’s but was pulled from the stores at the start of the 2000’s. Though it was only around for less than a decade, it had a fanbase that was crushed to find that it was gone. Last year, Coke decided to sell the soda via the Amazon Pantry and it was a huge hit. Even with a price of $14 for a 12-pack of 16 ounce cans, the fans drank it up.

On September 7, Coca-Cola brought the drink back to grocery stores in certain states across the country including the Midwest, Great Plains, South and even some of the Eastern states (almost made it to New Jersey…almost…sad for me). This was to the delight of the 200,000 people who liked the “Surge Movement” Facebook page along with the many others who wished to have their favorite soda back.

So go get your 12-packs, grabs your controllers, your piles of comic books, get ready to marathon your favorite series on Netflix, or prepare to finish that cosplay; Surge will get you through it all! Cheers, nerds!


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Dera Stark

Gamer, cosplayer and anime fan, Dera is definitely a nerd. Gaming since she was 5 years old and cosplaying since 2009, these two things have been a major part of her life. As she progressed in cosplay, she's learned how to sew and build props. And as she's bought up more and more games, her wallet has had to learn to deal with it.

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