Swamp Thing Canceled in Its First Week

The Swamp Thing Problem

News broke yesterday that the new DC Universe show Swamp Thing would be canceled after its inaugural season. Many fans were upset; but even more concerning was that this news came out before fans even got to watch episode two of the new series. 

I know we are a little behind on this news, but it’s better to have a better grasp of a situation so we can give you the most accurate news possible. So what’s going on?

Here’s the total rundown of what’s been going on.


Derek Mears in Swamp Thing (2019)
Derek Mears in Swamp Thing (2019)

Deadline broke the news yesterday morning with an article by Nellie Andreeva. The acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T had led to changes in the direction of WarnerMedia. The team over at WarnerMedia apparently wasn’t too keen on Swamp Thing and the acquisition was a perfect time to change things up. The show was originally supposed to have 13 episodes for the first season, but before airing, it had dropped to 10 episodes.

An underlining thought through the story was that WarnerMedia is planning on launching a new streaming service. This would be a huge reason in why they would look to canceling DC Universe shows to stock up content for this new streaming service. 

Still haven’t heard news if Doom Patrol was getting a new season, which is starting to make me nervous. Just a personal side thought. 

Later the same day Kyle Anderson from Nerdist dropped some new information on the situation. John Gohlson, writer for Swamp Thing, gave a little more insight into the financials that played a huge part. Here’s what Nerdist found out: (direct quote)

“Swamp Thing shot in North Carolina where the ambitious project from James Wan’s Atomic Monster production company could utilize a promised $40 million tax rebate. This helped DC Universe offset what became an $80 million first season. However, a paperwork error on the part of the NC treasury meant that rebate never materialized. After it was rectified, NC could only offer $14 million, a far cry from the original promise. That left Warner and DC on the hook for an extra $26 million they originally thought they’d get back. Gohlson cites two articles from StarNewsOnline, a local North Carolina publication, for the report.”

The Fans

With the cancellation of Swamp Thing, fans took to Twitter to #SaveSwampThing. There was even a petition to try and get Swamp Thing renewed or to find a new home. Just food for thought, but this is one of the few reasons nerds should petition, not for the complete rewrite of a season and talking bad about people making the show…


Final Thoughts

As someone who had watched and loved the first episode, I was excited for this show. I will continue to watch and support the creators of such an amazing show. I know a lot of people started to cancel their DC Universe subscription because of this news, but instead of that, why don’t we as fans show as much love for this show as possible?

If we want this show to live let’s make it live and show DC, WarnerMedia, and every potential platform that this show has a fanbase that will support the creators working on such a gem. Maybe it will find a new life somewhere or, honestly, maybe DC Universe could reduce the number of episodes for each season to bring it back.

All I know is I want this show to exist and give fans a taste of the horror section of the DC Universe.

Sound Off

Do you love Swamp Thing? Hate to see it go? Let me know down in the comments below!

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