SyFy Gives The Ax To Two Comic Book Shows


Deadly Class and Happy! Canceled


Well, it looks like two comic book shows are meeting their maker in the form of cancellation. Deadly Class and Happy! both shows on the SyFy channel and both shows based on comic books from Image Comics have been canceled reported by Variety. Happy! ran for two seasons on the SyFy channel based on the comic book by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, you can stream the 1st season on Netflix right now. Deadly Class just finished its first season on the channel. Based on the comic book by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig.

Class Dismissed

Patton Oswalt in Happy! (2017)
Patton Oswalt in Happy! (2017)

It seems Deadly Class had a lot going for it. The famed Russo Brothers. You know the guys who directed little films like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were producing the show. Deadly Class even had creator/writer of the comic Rick Remender helping develop it for its television adaption. 

Happy! seemed to be chugging along steadily on SyFy channel. The odd little comic book series about a former cop turned hitman with a blue donkey imaginary friend made it two seasons. It also had Patton Oswalt in a starring role as well. As noted before you can at least stream the first season of Happy! on Netflix for the time being.

Saved by the Bell?

Like most cable television shows that get canceled, there are rumors that both shows could be saved by other streaming platforms. It is definitely not un-heard of. Netflix could possibly pick up Happy! if the streaming numbers are good for the 1st season. If fan outcry is enough Deadly Class could be picked up for a second season on Netflix or somewhere else as well. Obviously, it is going to depend on fan demand and the actual numbers the shows produce?

Did you watch Happy! or Deadly Class? What are your thoughts on the shows and cancellation? Do you think a streaming service could possibly pick them up? Let us know in the comments.

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