5 Directors We’d Like to Direct the Slender Man Film Who Aren’t Sylvain White

The Slender Man
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Remember Slender Man? A few years back the “Slender Man” was a cult phenomena that the internet was widely obsessed with. Described as a tall, lanky figure dressed in a black suit with no face, Slender Man haunted children and adults alike. Forcing us to look over our shoulder every couple seconds, this horror story had taken the world by surprise.

A few years back it would have been a genius idea to craft a horror film surrounding Slender Man. It could’ve had the potential to make millions of dollars, with possible sequels involved and maybe even a franchise. Yet, for some reason, Hollywood is late to the punch yet again, in 2018 we will receive a horror film simply titled Slender Man

What We Currently Know about the Slender Man Film

With the plot currently being kept under wraps, all we know is that is known is the film will revolve around the horror phenomena. Right now, no stars are attached but the director was announced earlier this month. Variety reported that Sylvain White is now at the helm of the film, joined by writer David Birke and Victor Surge (the opposed creator of Slender Man).

This announcement does leave us a little baffled for a couple of reasons.  One being, why is this film being made so late? Two, why is the guy who directed Stomp the Yard tackling a wildly popular horror figure? No disrespect to Sylvain, The Losers is a rather entertaining film, it’s just difficult to wrap our heads around why he is directing. David Birke is an obvious choice for the screenplay. With the hits 13 Sins and Elle, Birke is a great choice to have head the script. 


Five Other Directors We’d Like to see Direct the Slender Man Project


Despite this horrific timing on the studio’s end, the Slender Man project does still hold a lot of promise. When we read the name Slender Man it sends that all too familiar shiver up our spines, reminding us of a terrifying time back in 2012. But Sylvain White just seems like an odd choice to direct a horror film, so here are five other directors we would like to see direct this project.


5. Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan has been surfacing as a true auteur of the horror genre. Tackling two cult horror films, Oculus and Hush, it seems like we should give this guy a chance at something a little bigger. He clearly has shown talent, not only in his visual style but in how he manages to build tension and fear within the audience. It would be nice to give a low-risk guy a chance on a medium risk film.

4. David F. Sandberg

Hot off of his summer horror hit Lights Out, David F. Sandberg would be a fun and reliable option for the project. With Lights Out he proved that he has a rather powerful vision when it comes to horror films. Through his editing and composition of shots, he knows how to make us feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Despite Lights Out incredibly weak screenplay, I feel like Sandberg could truly shine if joined with the right writer.

3.  Adam Wingard

Adam Wingard would be a both respectable, and exciting choice for the project. Despite his several “found footage” installments, when Wingard tackles a straightforward narrative he does it effectively. With films like The Guest and You’re Next, he has proven that he has the ability to make us fear a certain person or group of people. Wingard would effective translate that fear into a creature we are already afraid of.

2. Scott Derrickson

One of the modern masters of horror, Derrickson has delivered on several occasions in the horror genre. He’s even branched out and tackled a superhero film which makes him even more likable. He’s great at horror and comics?! But Derrickson has one of the most impressive visual styles along with an excruciating editing style that makes you nervous to be alone for more than five minutes.

1. James Wan 

And for the obvious number one pick, the modern master of horror James Wan. Wan has successfully created three different terrifying horror franchises, successfully I might add. He just embodies fear and everything we are terrified of as human beings. He knows exactly how to terrify an audience so he would be an obvious choice.


Though Sylvain White is a safe pick to direct the film, we will see if that is the correct choice. What does give us a bit more hope is the attachment of David Birke.

Slender Man is set to release on February 2, 2018.

What do you think about the upcoming Slender Man film? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Image Credits – BBC  YouTube

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