T.J. Miller’s Rough Year and What That Says for His Involvement with Marvel

T.J. Miller in Cannes wearing a bright yellow emoji-patterned suit
T.J. Miller in Cannes promoting “The Emoji Movie”

T.J. Miller has had a bit of a rough year. First, he leaves Silicon Valley in 2017 after hints that he is under the influence while filming. In response, he claims he was never under the influence but was only working too hard. Then, he his accused of sexual abuse by a woman he dated in college. Most recently, he was arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat and is currently awaiting trial. Is the actor and comedian putting too much pressure on himself to produce as much content as possible? Is he suffering from substance abuse and his own over-the-top persona? Could he be running his own career into the ground?


Abuse Allegations, 2001-2003

  • The multiple incidents of sexual abuse occurred around 2001 at George Washington University, where Miller and the victim (named Sarah in the Daily Beast article to protect her identity) both attended. The incidents allegedly included non-consensual choking, and violence during sex.
  • The allegations went to GW student court the next year, 2002, and resolved after a few weeks. The details weren’t revealed due to the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act. 
  • Miller left GW in 2003. It’s unclear whether GW expelled him or he graduated. 

Downhill Slide, 2017-Present

  • Sarah came forward with her story in 2017 in the wake of the Me Too Movement
  • In late 2017-early 2018, T.J. and Kate Miller released a statement to DB, weeks after DB first started reporting the allegations. The statement claims Sarah fabricated the encounters in an attempt to “break us [Kate and T.J.] up back then by plotting for over a year before making contradictory claims and accusations.” T.J. and Kate also claim Sarah told people on campus “I’m going to destroy them” and “I’m going to ruin him.” They claim that they support victims of sexual abuse, and believe Sarah is “using the current climate [MeToo] to bandwagon and launch these false accusations again.” Sarah denied she did this, and replied to the statement, “He was a friend to me before [the incidents], and he had been there for me before that. I didn’t want him in jail. I didn’t hate him. He was someone I cared about… I don’t want to mess up his life. But he behaved in a way towards me that I have to live with.”
  • Miller called in a fake bomb threat on an Amtrak train going to New Haven in March 2018. He was visibly intoxicated. The story and description of the woman constantly changed. Miller called the threat for a train he wasn’t on.  Police found nothing on that train or on Miller’s train. Witnesses reported Miller got into a fight with a woman across the aisle before the threat was reported.
  • The FBI arrested Miller for the fake bomb threat on April 9th, 2018. He was released on $100,000 bail. A false bomb threat will get you five years in jail.


T.J. Miller in a patterned robe as Erlich on "Silicon Valley"
T.J. Miller as Erlich Bachman on “Silicon Valley”

According to PageSix, a source close to Miller states, “He has substance-abuse issues…Basically, he’s someone who embraces the contrarian perspective so tightly that he actually starves his career of the oxygen it needs.” Sources ensure that “Miller loves to shock people,” a clear truth if you’ve ever seen his stand-up. But his need to be the most ridiculous, to get the most reaction from people (especially casting directors), seems to be killing his career at top speed. Comedian JC Coccoli comments on Miller’s outlandish persona, stating, “The more wild he was, the more his agents and managers applauded his behavior.” She went on to say, “Agents loved it. They would never invite an artist like TJ to their wedding, but they wanted to make money off of him.”

Higher-ups working with Miller started to notice his habits and antics. An HBO executive told The Post, “He thinks drinking and comedy are intricately connected…It was funny at first when this wacky guy was sneaking gin onto a set. Until it wasn’t funny anymore. He couldn’t stay in character, couldn’t remember lines, fell asleep. It was just costing HBO too much money.” This became one glaring reason for Miller’s departure from Silicon Valley.

We know Erlich’s fate on Silicon Valley, but what does this all say for T.J. Miller’s involvement in the Deadpool films?


T.J. Miller with straight hair and glasses as Weasel in "Deadpool"
T.J. Miller as Weasel in “Deadpool”

Over calls from fans for Weasel to be recast, Deadpool 2 producer Lauren Shuler Donner stated, “Miller would not be recast, as the film was in its final stages of editing.” Given Deadpool’s notoriously low budgets, it’s possible there simply was neither money nor time to pull a Ridley Scott and edit Miller out. Ryan Reynolds has also confirmed Miller’s absence from X-Force.  

The thing about Weasel, is he’s already a supporting character. There’s really no reason to make a big stink if he’s not in X-Force. In this author’s opinion, let the character be. Don’t recast, don’t even include him in anything else. Miller did a good job with Weasel, but his antics—this character he puts on in the name of comedy—are killing his career. Let Weasel slip into anonymity.  We all know why he’s gone. No reason to put a patch over it in the form of a recast. Let him live on in the comics where he can thrive as a character completely absent from problematic Hollywood BS. It’s what Weasel would want.

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