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Review – Doomsday Clock #1

"Doomsday Clock", the latest DC event in the Rebirth era, begins to shine a light on one of the mysteries of the DCU. Who Watches The Watchmen?


Comic Review- Wonder Woman #43

To say this comic was illustrated by people I've never heard of, I was pleasantly surprised by how well illustrated it was. There were a few improvements that...


Comic Review – Wonder Woman #42

The creative team behind this issue of Wonder Woman have created an absolutely fantastic comic. The storyline is so intriguing and suspenseful, accompanied by...


Comic Review- Wonder Woman #41

The Finches have taken a bold step in changing the appearance of Wonder Woman, but I think it works really well. Wonder Woman has changed throughout the years...


Review – Savage Hulk #4

  Story by:  Alan Davis Art by: Alan Davis & Mark Farmer Colors by:  Matt Hollingsworth Letters by:  VC’s Clayton Cowles Cover Art by:  Alan...

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