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Comic Review – The Flash #43

Looks like this is gonna remain a slow burner for now but at least we got some real drama at the end of the issue. The next one should pick up some of the low...


Review – The Flash Futures End #1

Writers: Van Jensen and Robert Venditti Pencils: Brett Booth Inks: Norm Rapmund Colors: Andrew Dalhouse Letters: Pat Brosseau Publisher: DC Comics Release...


Review – The Flash Annual #3

The Flash is back in Central City after the soon to be concluded events of Forever Evil (the delay, of course, can muddle continuity); and Barry Allen is back...


Review: Superman #28

It’s the dawn of a new arc, somewhat, in Superman #28. After dealing with the  Psi War, the Return of Krypton and Parasite trying to eat Lois; you think...


Review – Batman/Superman #5

  Batman/Superman begins a new arc this week set in the present (albeit before Trinity War). This time Greg Pak is joined by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund (on...


First Look at Batman/Superman #5

    From DC Comics—   This November, welcome artist Brett Booth to BATMAN/SUPERMAN! Beginning with issue #5, Booth joins writer Greg Pak to tell...


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