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Captain Marvel Already Found?

Even though the film Captain Marvel does not come out until November 2nd, 2018, we may have some of the movie figured out. Such as that the superpower heroine...


A.K.A Jessica Jones: What the BFF?

You see what happens, Carol? Huh, Captain Marvel? You see what happens? Sure, you can run off and book yourself a big feature film, but guess what: You’re...


Comic Review – Bitch Planet #1

Story: Kelly Sue Deconnick Art: Valentine de Landro Cover: Valentine de Landro Publisher: Image Comics I knew nothing about this book going into it, other than...


Marvel’s Phase 3 Announced

About a week or so ago invitations went out to the large news outlets from Marvel Entertainment to a “special event” very reminiscent of the lead...


Wallpaper of the Day

  Remember the days when there were two Captain Marvels?  There was one at DC Comics and one at Marvel Comics and it seemed that other than a little...


Review – Captain Marvel #4

When Kelly Sue DeConnick’s new Captain Marvel series started out all those years ago, she opened with a six-issue arc that saw Carol Danvers traveling...


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