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Deathmatch #10 Review

The last time we left our heroes, at the end of Deathmatch #9, Sable, one of three heroes left alive, was delivered a very unfortunate bit of information...


Review – Deathmatch #9

Seems like the heroes and villains of Deathmatch just can’t catch a break. First, the 32 deadliest and most powerful beings on the face of the Earth find...


Deathmatch #3 Review

Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: Paul Jenkins Artist: Carlos Magno Release Date: Feb. 27, 2013 The more things change the more they stay the same. For the...


Deathmatch #2 Review

Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: Paul Jenkins Artist: Carlos Magno Release Date: Jan. 30, 2013 Sol Invictus! Manchurian! Dragonfly! Sable! These are just a few...


Deathmatch #1 – Review

Deathmatch is hot. One time I tested the upper-bounds of a microwavable burrito in a quest to achieve a mythical level of temperature called “edible” (I have...


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