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Comic Book Review: Moonshine #2

Moonshine #2 is a solid entry into this "Noir" style werewolf story. Now Pa might not want to sale his liquor to Lou but his kids have different plans!


Comic Review: Reborn #2

Bonnie has been reborn after dying in her old age, she has woken up in a new fantastical world and she might be the on for-told to save it.


Comic Review: Ether #1

Boone Dias a scientist that seems to have all the answers to Ether's magical dilemmas and he is on another "magical" mystery case!


Comic Review – Super Girl #3

Supergirl is off to confront Cyborg Superman and his newly reformed Argo City, is Kara's mother really alive or just a shell of her former self?


Comic Book Review: Mayday #1

Mayday #1 is a tale of Cold-War espionage, spies, murder and a traverse through the Cold War and 1970's America. Don't drink the Vodka!


Comic Review – Lazarus #19

Writer: Greg Rucka Pencils: Michael Lark Inks: Michael Lark and Tyler Boss Colors: Santi Arcas Letters: Jodi Wynne Cover: Owen Freeman Publisher: Image Comics...


Comic Review – Aquila #1

Aquila is as brooding as it is basic. It is a re-skinned God of War knockoff where the characters of myth and history our more compelling than the titular...


Comic Review – Sovereign: Volume 1

Story: Chris Roberson Art: Paul Maybury Colors: Paul Maybury and Jordan Gibson Letters: John J. Hill Cover: Paul Maybury Publisher: Image Comics Epic fantasy...


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