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Superman Versus The Alt-Right

Superman has pissed off the red-faced conservatives at Fox News and Breitbart for saving undocumented immigrants. ...Have these guys read a Superman comic?


Comic Review – Bat-Mite #3

The unexpected teamup of imp-like Bat-Mite and dour Damian Wayne leads to a comedic comic of crazy cartoonish calamity! This fun for all ages comic delivers...


Comic Preview – Bat-Mite #3

  From DC Comics—   Written by Dan Jurgens with art by Corin Howell, this weeks brand new BAT-MITE #3 brings, to you, a very unlikely pairing...


Comic Review- Batman Beyond #2

Writer:  Dan Jurgens Artist: Bernand Chang Colours: Marcelo Maiolo Letters: Dave Sharpe Cover: Bernand Chang Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: 1st July 2015...


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