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Con News

NJ Comic Expo: Nice Wheels!

Calling all Tri-state comic fans! Having withdrawal after New York Comic Con? Reeling and anxious for another nerdy fix? Then I’ve got some news for you;...


Surge: Get Your Buzz On

Hey nerds! Are you having trouble staying up to finish that raid boss? Maybe you’re trying to get through your latest haul from the comic book shop but you’re...

Nerd Pron

Star Wars: The Merchandise Awakens

With the Star Wars: The  Force Awakens hype train moving at light speed, it should come as no surprise that Walt Disney Co. has some big plans in mind for the...


Rest In Peace, George Coe

The entertainment industry as well as this world has taken yet another hit. On July 18 in Santa Monica, California, actor and producer George Coe passed away...


Tips for a Summer Cosplay Body

Tis the season for the summer and bathing suit renditions of our favorite characters from games, anime, cartoons, and otherwise to come out and play. Which...


The First Game

We all have one; the first time we touch a D-Pad or joystick, the first enemy kill, the first boss defeated, the first video game that introduced us to a...


Game Review – Undefeated

In January of this year, Aldorlea Games brought us Undefeated¸ an RPG adventure tale with a classic 16-bit look. Now it has arrived on Android to entertain us...

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