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Review – Dark Nights Metal #1

Entertainingly hectic, Dark Nights Metal #1 delivers everything you could want from DC's next summer event with humour and energy both present in spades


Review – Reborn #6 (Final Issue)

Bonnie and Golgotha are going head to head finally. Golgotha has kidnapped her husband to lure her into the darklands but with Big Tom her dad and Roy-Boy by...


Snyder and Capullo Reunite For Metal

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, along with DC Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, just announced that their highly anticipated event, DARK NIGHTS: METAL, will...


Comic Review – Reborn #4

Reborn #4 brings the action with Bonnie and Tom trapped in a prison, there is only one way out and that is straight through the guards.


Comic Review: Reborn #3

In Reborn #3, Bonnie seems to be doing well, but good things don't last and the ruler of The Darklands Lord Golgotha wants this warrior queen captured!


Comic Review: Reborn #2

Bonnie has been reborn after dying in her old age, she has woken up in a new fantastical world and she might be the on for-told to save it.


Comic Review – Reborn #1

Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Greg Capullo Inker: Jonathan Glapion Colorist: Fco Plascencia Lettering/Design: Nate Piekos  Publisher: Image Comics Release Date:...

Press Release

Reborn a Smash Hit

Image Comics announce REBORN, by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo, is being rushed back to print immediately to keep up with the overwhelming customer demand.

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