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Dancer #3 Review

Spoiler Warning: I will be discussing things that happened in the previous two issues so go read them then come back for issue 3 and this review. The library...


The Massive #2 Review

The second issue of Dark Horse Comics latest series The Massive carries on the bleak and intriguing story and provides enormous amounts of background on the...


Epic Kill #3 Review

 Image Comics are leading the way in the creator-owned comics industry. Image series such as Saga, Chew and, of course, The Walking Dead are as expertly...


Witchblade #157

Time was that most women would be satisfied with washing and cleaning up after us man folk, so, you would think that being a private investigator in the heart...


New Series from Image Comics

There is a new series coming out from Image Comics. It is called Revival and will take a different interpretation of the undead than other series from Image...


America’s Got Powers #2

As you may, or may not know, I live in Manchester in the UK and this year the UK is “lucky” enough to play host to the Olympics. The games don’t start for...


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