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The Massive #2 Review

The second issue of Dark Horse Comics latest series The Massive carries on the bleak and intriguing story and provides enormous amounts of background on the...


Epic Kill #3 Review

 Image Comics are leading the way in the creator-owned comics industry. Image series such as Saga, Chew and, of course, The Walking Dead are as expertly...


Witchblade #157

Time was that most women would be satisfied with washing and cleaning up after us man folk, so, you would think that being a private investigator in the heart...


New Series from Image Comics

There is a new series coming out from Image Comics. It is called Revival and will take a different interpretation of the undead than other series from Image...


America’s Got Powers #2

As you may, or may not know, I live in Manchester in the UK and this year the UK is “lucky” enough to play host to the Olympics. The games don’t start for...


WITCHBLADE Cover Artifacts

Are you the type of person that plays records backwards in the hunt for hidden messages? If so, then there is something fundamentally wrong with you, get some...

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