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Review – Supergirl #38 (DC Comics)

Supergirl faces Krypto and the denizens of Smallville as she tries to spread the madness of The Batman Who Laughs. Batman and Superman call in Wonder Woman to...


Review – Ragman #3 (DC Comics)

Rory is having a hard enough time dealing with his newfound "abilities", being able to hear his dead teammates, absorbing souls and fighting demons, he is...


Review – Ragman #2

Rory's team thought they were going to steal untold treasures out of a tomb in a deadly war zone; what they got was ambushed and killed. Except for Rory, who...


Review – Ragman #1

Rory Harper is attempting to live a normal life in Gotham City after returning from war, but when strange creatures start to appear and seem to be following...

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