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Comic Review – Wolf Country #5

The Wolf Country is not a place you'd want to visit. But story wise it's a place filled with the intrigue that you want to spend your money on.


Comic Review – Apama Volume 1

From Hero Tomorrow Comics, get ready for a new hero on your pull list: Apama, A new indie title by creative team Ted Sikora, Milo Miller and Benito Gallego.


Comic Review- The Grime #1

Zombies, serial killers, bloodshed and a whole lot of gore are what you'll find if you dare venture into the comic world of The Grime #1.


Comic Review – Queen #1

It's good to see when comics aren't afraid to get political. Much like Sam Wilson Captain America this comic isn't afraid to immerse itself in the political...


Comic Review- Beast Legion #1-10

Beast Legion is a series following a young protagonist called Xeus, who also happens to be the prince of the kingdom titled Lithopia that has been taken over...


Comic review- Exit Generation #2

Writer: Sam Read Artist: Caio Oliveira Colourist: Marrisa Louise Letters: Colin Bell Cover: Ramon Villalobos and Marrisa Louise Publisher: Comix Tribe Release...


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