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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

What do you call a film that features a sophomoric manchild, an orion slavegirl, a humorless brute, a tree, and a talking racoon?  Well, if this was the real...


News – Bioshock iOS

The world of gaming is vast, with dozens of formats and hundreds of sub-genres, each having its own strengths and weaknesses.  For those who’ve been dwelling...


The Beard Reviews: Gaming Bad

If you’ve never heard of Breaking Bad, chances are you don’t own a TV and aren’t on Facebook or Reddit.  One of the most popular TV shows of the past...


The Beard Reviews: Fable II

Welcome to the second part of The House of the Beard’s Xbox 360 Quest for the Best, where we’re trying to determine which Xbox 360 exclusive RPG was the best...


The Beard Reviews: Magna Carta 2

For the first (but final in terms of release dates) entry into our Quest for the Best XBox 360 Exclusive RPG, we have Banpresto’s Magna Carta II, misnumbered...


The Beard Reviews: Cookies & Idle Gaming

Do you like Cookies? Do you love Cookies? Of course you love Cookies!  Who doesn’t love Cookies?  Madmen, that’s who!  Cookies rule!  Sorry, I’ve been playing...


The Beard Rants: Gaming Over Easy

Demon Souls, when it first came out, was touted as a game for hard-core gamers.  It’s difficulty was as punishing as anyone had ever seen in adventure rpgs...


The Beard Previews: Comic Book Video Games

Not only are Marvel Comics and DC Comics the largest names in comic books, both in the US and abroad (although not the richest, those folks are Japanese), but...


No Sacred Cows: The Riddick Chronicles

Welcome to the fifth installment of No Sacred Cows, the column in which I, the Bearded One, play fast and loose with my own format rules.  This round is no...

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