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Review – Dark Nights Metal #1

Entertainingly hectic, Dark Nights Metal #1 delivers everything you could want from DC's next summer event with humour and energy both present in spades


Comic Review: Reborn #3

In Reborn #3, Bonnie seems to be doing well, but good things don't last and the ruler of The Darklands Lord Golgotha wants this warrior queen captured!


Comic Review: Reborn #2

Bonnie has been reborn after dying in her old age, she has woken up in a new fantastical world and she might be the on for-told to save it.


Comic Preview – Wonder Woman #45

  From DC Comics—   With the Fates dead and Donna Troy still on the run, Wonder Woman must confront the sins of her past and a new, growing threat...


Comic Review – Wonder Woman #42

The creative team behind this issue of Wonder Woman have created an absolutely fantastic comic. The storyline is so intriguing and suspenseful, accompanied by...


Comic Review- Wonder Woman #41

The Finches have taken a bold step in changing the appearance of Wonder Woman, but I think it works really well. Wonder Woman has changed throughout the years...


Comic Review – Wonder Woman #40

In Wonder Woman #40, Diana is desperate to defend her throne against an enemy who was designed to conquer her every weakness, and take control of the Amazons.


Comic Review – Wonder Woman #39

With a creative team such as this, is it any wonder why this issue of wonder Woman is amazing, and why wouldn't it be? it has everything you could ever ask for...


Review – Robin Rises: Omega #1

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Penciller: Andy Kubert Inker: Jonathon Glapion Colorist: Brad Anderson Letterer: Nick J.  Napolitano Publisher: DC Comics Release Date:...


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