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Review – Batman White Knight #1

When Batman goes too far it is the Joker that ends up putting him behind the bars of Arkham Asylum and taking up the mantle as the White Knight of Gotham City!


Review – Seven to Eternity #9

Adam and the Mud King are on their way to the healing springs Zhal after Adam heard the Mud Kings whisper, has The god of whispers corrupted Adam like he has...


Review- Seven to Eternity #8

The fairy land is not the paradise it once was; somebody has heard the whispers of the Mud King. Jevalia's life hangs in the balance while her brother rushes...


Review – Seven to Eternity #7

Adam saved the mud King instead of Jevalia and now she is on deaths door step. Can the group save her in time and why has Adam gone off on his own with "the...


Review – Seven to Eternity #6

In Seven to Eternity #6 the group is attempting to get out of the cursed swamp a place no one dares to go into, not even the Piper. We soon find out what...


Review – Seven to Eternity #5

Even without his power the god of whispers can still cause trouble with just a few words, causing deceptive thoughts and visions in the minds of his enemies...


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