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Civil War Will Tie-In with Ragnarok

Jaimie Alexander has told the LA Times that Captain America: Civil War will have tie ins to Thor: Ragnarok, Alexander’s next movie with Marvel Studios...


A.K.A Jessica Jones: What the BFF?

You see what happens, Carol? Huh, Captain Marvel? You see what happens? Sure, you can run off and book yourself a big feature film, but guess what: You’re...


Age of Ultron Trailer #2 is Here!

The new trailer for Age of Ultron is up, friends!  If you’re like me, you didn’t actually bother watching the game, since Alabama wasn’t playing.  And...


Agent Carter: The Big H

This week’s premiere of Agent Carter proved the new show be one of the most satisfying new shows on television.  It promises to be a fun and extremely...


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