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Comic Review – Ladykiller 2 #1

Ladykiller 2 #1 shows that Josie isn't afraid to get dirty on the job. Despite her clear confidence in her skills, some are willing to challenge her work.


Book Review – And Again

And Again asks us to question whether the chance a new body, free of disease, flaws and bad habits is the same as a chance at a new life. If by simply...


Film Review – She Makes Comics

Indie documentary She Makes Comics shatters the preconceived notion that comic books revolve around two things: superheroes and men. Through a chronological...


Film Review – Maggie

Maggie is a SciFi Thriller blend of a world where "the turn" makes unsuspecting humans into cannibalistic zombies. Wade is trying to save his infected kid...


Film Review – Horns

Love, murder and the reality of our darkest desires are what we are given in Horns. This film adaptation of the Joe Hill novel of the same name introduces us...


Book Review – Horns

Author: Joe Hill Publisher: William Marrow (an Imprint of Harper Collins) Publication Date: February 6th, 2010 Pages: 416 Joe Hill’s first novel Horns tells...


Game Review – Roaches

Do your kids love the idea of playing Magic: The Gathering, D&D or other tabletop games with you, but they’re just not old enough to understand the games...


Catwoman: Sexuality Leader

A simple kiss between two people. How can it cause such a stir? The recent issue Catwoman #39  has many Catwoman fans buzzing all thanks to a kiss between...

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