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Game Review – Concursion

In a world where saving the princess is a diabolical side-scroller, Concursion does something that other games don’t.  What is it that it does?  It...


Game Review – Over 9000 Zombies!

Over 9000 Zombies! is a top-down action shooter published by Mastertronic and developed by Loren Lemcke.  Over 9000 Zombies! pits the player in an apocalyptic...


Game Review – Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a “top-down shooter with a hint of rpg” developed by indie studio 10tons.  This is an indie title available through the Playstation Store for...


NVIDIA Shield, Bring Forth The Tablet!

NVIDIA is a company that most associate with graphic cards for PC gaming, until last January when they revealed the NVIDIA Shield portable device.  I was able...


Farewell PS2, Hello Steam Box

The day is fast approaching where all media will be available predominately in digital form. Paper books are already being replaced by ebooks, newspapers are...


Ubisoft Abandons Always-On DRM

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft’s worldwide director for online games Stephanie Perotti mentioned that the company quietly dropped their...


Steam Box Confirmed?

The rumors of a gaming console from Valve using their digital gaming platform Steam have been around for a while now. But a job listing for an...

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