Review – TMNT #77 (IDW Publishing)

The Triceratons came in peace only to be attacked by the E.P.F. and the Foot Clan, with many of their own wounded or dead things are quickly escalating into an...


Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #5

The Turtles and Ghostbusters have been narrowly escaping the Collectors' grasp while surviving in strange universes. Now that Egon and Donnie have finalized...


Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #3

Split up in varying dimensions the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Ghostbusters try to survive while Donnie and Egon struggle to find a way to free them.


Review – TMNT Ongoing #76

The brothers think it is time to relax once they get back to Earth from Dimension X, but when the Triceratons arrive they have to spring back into action.


Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #2

With the Collectors on their tails, the gang splits up into groups to throw them off their trail. While it seems like a good plan at first, dimension-hopping...

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