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Review – Valkyrie #5 (Marvel)

What makes a hero? Is it their powers? Or is it their actions? Valkyrie, aka Jane Foster, may not consider herself a hero, but she certainly acts the part...


New Thor Ragnarok Character Posters

With the November 3rd release date for Thor: Ragnarok quickly approaching, fans were treated to these awesome character posters featuring Anthony Hopkins as...


SDCC – Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

This third installment seems to have pulled out all of the stops.  Adopting several stories straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics, Thor: Ragnarok seems to...


Comic Books and… Opera?

Batman’s origin story is one that most of us, if not all of us, know quite well. Believe it or not, comic books provide one of the most accessible pathways to...


Comic Review – EVE: Valkyrie #1

Spaceship pilot Rán Kavik goes through what should be a routine escort mission, while flashing back to how she ended up in the military in the first place. 


Friday Focus Cosplay: Valkyrie

With the new Avengers movie being a smash success – lets celebrate some cosplays of Secret Avengers member: Valkyrie!     Valkyrie-  Maid of...


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