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5 Comics Not To Miss This Week

We at Word of the Nerd have sorted through this week’s comic book releases to bring you in no particular order the five comic books that you simply should not...


Comic Review – Red Thorn #4

In Red Thorn #4, Isla catches Alec in a compromising position, meets a new ally in Thorn's war, & realizes that her powers might not be under her control.


Comic Review – Clean Room #5

In Clean Room #5 Astrid deals with an intrusion into her space, her team handles business, and Chloe wakes up to a particularly creepy intruder.


Comic Review – Lucifer #3

In Lucifer #3, we finally get a potential suspect in the demon Azazel and we see that some monsters in the human world hide behind camouflage


Comic Review – Unfollow #4

In Unfollow #4 we learn more about Ferrell's plan, see David try (and fail) to take charge, and witness the first of many deaths on the island.


Comic Review – Red Thorn #3

In Red Thorn #3, we see the aftermath of last issue's celebrations, what lives in Loch Ness, and we're introduced to a new character.


Comic Review – Clean Room #4

In Clean Room #4, we see a glimpse of Astrid's past, the uncomfortable creature invading her present, and what happens when Chloe finally makes it home.


Comic Review – Lucifer #2

Lucifer #2 sends us to hell in a proverbial handbasket and our protagonists meet the new Queen of Hell while a demon on earth inspires mayhem.


Comic Review – New Romancer #2

New Romancer #2 pulls us into the tangled web of Casanova's plot, shows the tension in incubator Inc., and gives us our first glimpse of Byron's charm.

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