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Do you want to be driven insane, with laughter and frustration all mixed into one, like some emotionally confusing hurricane? Great. This game really will make you laugh yourself to tears as you try to throw your friends onto lava blocks, only to watch them be impaled on spikes. Again, and again, and again… or chopped up.

“But don’t worry if you get frustrated you can push them into the water” says Becca C (Someone you will get to know very soon… dundundun). My response to this is -“Let’s drown them all!” I have, repeatedly, drowned myself in green liquid of unknown viscosity.

Now that I have gone off on a tangent let me pull you back into the real point of this article. BattleBlock Theatre. A delightful game that I was introduced to by a friend (one who often calls himself amazing, but is he really? You know who you are.) This platform game was developed by Behemoth, the same fellows who did Castle Crashers, in April 2013. In June 2014 it became a game free for Xbox Live gold members and I’ve become hooked.


The introduction into this game is absolutely hilarious. I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it. If you do not laugh then I can safely conclude that we do not have the same sense of humour. Also, that you are a serious human being who has fully evolved into adulthood, unlike myself who will never be fully evolved. I am not your Pokémon! The narrator is Stamper and you are one of the crew of the S.S. Friend…ship who needs to help Hatty Hattington. Hatty is the bestest of friends and has been changed by the hat that once belonged to the theatre owner, Purrham Furbottom. Unfortunately, Furbottom died in an untimely matter of uncontrollable bowl syndrome (he pooped himself to death). Poor Hatty is stuck in the theatre! Save him before the cats get mad!

It is a platform game that you can play single, co-op, and competitive multiplayer. This can be done local or online. All the possibilities that you could ever want in a game. It is on the Xbox 360 and on the PC. If you have a Playstation you are truly missing out. Really, you are. The level designs become more complex as the game goes on, it will truly drive you mad. Well, at least make you need a break and step away for several moments. It also has customisation on the shape of your head, what design your head has and what weapon. Currently I am favouring a square-headed crew member who looks like a pig and kills killer cats with explosive Frisbees. In co-op sometimes you just need to leave a man behind in the time trial. Let him commit suicide by self-explosion. It will be worth the sacrifice. It always is!


Battleblock Theatre Screenshot 1


This game captures the true evilness of cats in a beautiful way. The cartoonish graphics, the wonderful narrative, and rather addictive music will slowly send you mad. You’ll find yourself repeatedly getting yourself killed while laughing manically as you do. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Doesn’t it?! It does. Go, collect gems, and save our dearest friend Hatty! Oh, and our other friends who are prisoners in the theatre…


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