Why Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Is a Good Idea

Why Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Is a Good Idea

Quentin Tarantino is making a Star Trek movie. Which is to say, Quentin Tarantino had an idea for a Star Trek movie. The film is set up at Paramount with Tarantino and JJ Abrams acting as producers. Currently, they are assembling a writer’s room for the picture. Furthermore, the auteur demands the film receive an R rating. Now, at first pass, this sounds like an insane idea. But, it’s not, really. As a matter of fact, it’s a fantastic idea. Let’s break down the reasons why.

1. The Tarantino Chronicles

Quentin Tarantino imdb getty images
Quentin Tarantino

In the middle 2000s, M. Night Shyamalan was on top of the world. His first three features earned near-universal praise and nearly every door in Hollywood was open to him. He took the opportunity to launch The Night Chronicles. The Night Chronicles consisted of three films by directors other than M. Night, based on premises he conjured. Unfortunately, Night’s popularity took a downturn and only one film of The Night Chronicles saw the light of day (the excellent Devil). It’s a fun bit of pop culture trivia, but what does this have to do with Tarantino and Star Trek?

Well, Quentin Tarantino has often said he only plans on directing ten films in his career. His upcoming film about the Manson murders marks his ninth directorial feature. But someone of Quentin Tarantino’s caliber can’t just ride off into the sunset. He’s often alluded to writing books or starting a podcast when he leaves the director’s chair. But the truth is, he can do whatever he wants. Yes, an R-rated Quentin-Tarantino-birthed Star Trek film is mildly WTF-worthy. But it doesn’t hurt to try something, and he certainly has the resources to try it on a large scale, so why not?

2. The Summer of ’69

Quentin Tarantino’s reputation precedes him. He is often associated with making riffs on “exploitation films.” But, he mixes those exploitation sensibilities with a bunch of other 60’s and 70’s iconography to achieve his specific style. In other words, the man knows his Star Trek.

However, Star Trek provides him a unique opportunity. His career is built around appropriating various pop culture touchstones. But he’s never taken one of these properties head-on. One need only look to Bill’s excellent Superman monologue in Kill Bill: Volume 2 to realize he has a firm grasp on these icons. Essentially, he’s been remixing these elements for almost thirty years and now he’s deciding to do a full-on cover.

3. Captain Jean-Luc Picard?

Shortly after the news of the film broke, Sir Patrick Stewart made it known that he would be all in to reappear as Captain Picard in this new film. There is no news that Quentin’s idea involves the crew featured in The Next Generation. If one were to hazard a guess, it’s a safe bet his idea rests squarely in TOS territory. However, anything could be percolating in Tarantino’s brain at the moment.

Star Trek Boldly Goes (Again)

Kirk/Uhura kiss pushing boundaries
Kirk/Uhura kiss pushing boundaries

Star Trek is a bastion of boundary-pushing. Quentin Tarantino has been pushing boundaries for three decades. At first glance, they are strange bedfellows. But beneath the initial shock lies a match made in heaven. At this point, we can only rely on speculation. But no matter how it shakes out, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek is bound to be a pop culture conversation piece when it hits theaters.

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