Teaser Photo for Morbius Released

Morbius movie clapperboard via Jared Leto's social media accounts (cropped for featured image)

Jared Leto Releases Set Photo of Morbius

After the success of Venom, it seems Sony has fast-tracked its Spider-Man-adjacent films. Jared Leto released the first official teaser photo from the Morbius movie. It is not much of a teaser, as we only see Leto’s eyes and hair—the rest of his face is covered by, as EW calls it, “A busy clapboard, bedecked with the Morbius title treatment”. You can check out a few more photos on Leto’s Instagram page.

The Living Vampire

Morbius movie clapperboard via Jared Leto's social media accounts
Morbius movie clapperboard with Leto in the background
Image via Jared Leto’s Twitter and Instagram

Obviously, there is not much to this photo to discern from the movie. Look, I want all comic movies to do well because I want more comic book movies, but I am still figuring out how Morbius, “The Living Vampire”, got fast-tracked to a solo film (learn more about the character and film here)! Look, I know Sony doesn’t have too much to play with. They have only the rights to Spider-Man-adjacent characters and since loaning the wall-crawler to Marvel they can’t actually use him, but Morbius… that is an odd one.

Venom makes sense; he has a following outside of Spider-Man and a lot of people have a general idea about him. I have been around a while and I have never heard anybody talk about how much they love Morbius. Look, he has a cool design and gimmick as a pseudo-vampire. But man, I don’t know how he holds down a solo movie. Now if they want to make a Legion of Monsters movie, I am all for it! Give me Elsa Bloodstone with Morbius “The Living Vampire”, Jack Russel “Werewolf by Night”, Manphibian and N’Kantu “The Living Mummy”. Basically, I want this version of The Legion of Monsters. Oh, and I want them in the MCU, so, Sony, just give Marvel the rights, please and thank you! 


All we can do right now is speculate about the Morbius film, with this very vague picture. Again, I hope it is good so we get more comic book films with odd characters. But, man, Sony is taking a gamble with this one. Morbius the Living Vampire is not the character I would follow up Venom with a solo film of. I mean, I guess it depends on who they let Marvel borrow from the Spider-Man characters (I am guessing it is all the good ones). So, if you are going to pick one, I guess vampires are always popular!

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