The Teaser Trailer for His Dark Materials Has Been Released

His Dark Materials - BBC


A Teaser Trailer for the His Dark Materials Show Has Finally Dropped

It’s hard to believe that after all this time, we’re finally getting to see what the BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials is going to look like.

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is the name for a three book series by Philip Pullman. It was a wildly popular series, following the adventures of young Lyra and her daemon. The books included in the series are The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.

The series was exceptionally moving and well-written. Even though the series is nearly twenty years old, it’s still making sales. Pullman recently added new life to the world by announcing that he’s writing an all-new trilogy to accompany the others. The first novel is already out: La Belle Sauvage (also referred to as the Book of Dust). The new series is going to be called The Book of Dust.

Previous Adaptations

Admittedly, the latest attempt to adapt it into a movie fell flat. The sales were poor, to put it kindly. Nothing like the emotionally compelling adventure many of us had been expecting. The adaptations fell so flat that they only ever adapted the first book into a movie: The Golden Compass.

The Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer is only thirty-one seconds long, but it still manages to show off plenty during that time. The tone is eerie, yet dramatic—exactly what many of us were hoping for. The cast looks phenomenal, though there were no lines in the trailer yet, so we can only say so much for the casting.

The one notable part missing from the trailer? Daemons. There wasn’t a single daemon to be seen in the teaser trailer. Considering the limited distance a human and a daemon can be apart by… this seems like an odd choice. Perhaps they are simply saving the reveal for later?

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