Tessa Thompson Joins Men In Black Reboot

Tessa Thompson is joining the Men in Black reboot alongside Chris Hemsworth. The reboot is expected June 14th, 2019 from Friday director F. Gary Gray. Rather than a direct reboot featuring Agents J and K, the new iteration of MiB features all new characters. Furthermore, the agency will take a more ensemble/globally minded approach.

Tessa Thompson’s Galactic Career

In 2015, the excellent film Creed hit theaters. Among the many wonderful elements of the film is the character Bianca. Bianca is a musician fighting her own body against hearing loss. As the beating heart and soul of Bianca lies Tessa Thompson. Thompson has been actively working in Hollywood since 2005. However, many discovered her considerable talents in Creed. Following that star-making turn, Thompson quickly became a household name. She popped up in Westworld, Annihilation, and Thor: Ragnarok.

Tessa Thompson -Valkyrie - Thor Ragnarok c. Disney/MarvelThor: Ragnarok represented a turning point for the Norse god. Director Taika Waititi’s comedy-with-heart approach to the film ingratiated audiences further with Thompson. In the film, she plays Valkyrie, a disaffected Asgardian warrior. During her adventures with Thor, she finds a new sense of resilience and confidence. Once again, the actress brings a lot of charm and pathos to the character.

Furthermore, she shared a crackling on-screen chemistry with her co-star Chris Hemsworth. So, it comes as no surprise that the two are re-teaming outside of the MCU.

Here Come the Men in Black

Look, the original Men in Black is an outstanding summer blockbuster. However, the world of the MiB is rich for mining. Honestly, it’s a bit of a surprise that the franchise didn’t catch on the way something like Ghostbusters did. Essentially it’s the same premise, but with aliens. So, it certainly makes sense to return to that universe.

Although the film’s director F. Gary Gray and company are keeping the details under wraps, we do know the movie is not a straightforward reboot. Instead, they are opting for a more ensemble piece over a buddy cop comedy. Also, the adventure will take the Men in Black across the globe instead of just the United States. Therefore, if they carefully thread the needle, this could be a wonderful expansion of the Men in Black universe. Hemsworth and Thompson are two charismatic actors, and their comedy chops are heavily under-utilized.

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