Testing Delays Causing Filming to Shut Down for Shows

Riverdale Season 4 image via The CW


COVID-19 Testing Delays Are Shutting Down Productions, for the Moment

Testing for COVID-19 has become vital for all sets, yet recent delays in getting results back have put filming at a standstill.


Shows and sets based in British Columbia are facing a new challenge, as a delay in test results forces them to temporarily close down. Rather, the assumption (and hope) is that the shut-downs will be temporary, though there hasn’t been any official news on that front.

Supergirl - The CW
COVID-19 testing delays have shut down filming of Supergirl, among other shows.

Given the risk to actors and crew, the decision to shut down until results can be confirmed is the right call. Yet it means that fans will be waiting just a little longer for news about some of their favorite shows.

So far, Riverdale, Batwoman, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow have all announced delays in filming and production. Maid is another show that is currently making the list, with the assumption that more will join as well.

Other Possibilities

There are several other shows in the area, leaving concerns about their filming status. Shows being filmed for Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix haven’t currently been announced as delayed, and yet there’s that chance.

There are a few Disney Plus series on the line, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news on that front. Those shows include Big Sky, A Million Little Things, and The Mighty Ducks. Hulu’s series, The Mysterious Benedict Society, is another cause for concern, as well as The Good Doctor, by Sony/ABC.

Without more information about the delay, or how big the impact is, it’s hard to tell if these series will be making announcements soon. According to Variety, Disney Television Studios and Netflix both have declined to provide more information. Likely, they are still assessing the situation. We’ll provide updates as we hear them, and continue hoping that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times.

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